About Us


Adelaide Pneumatic Sales supply compressed-air factory automation equipment and solutions.


  1. To exceed our client’s expectation in the component quality and services that we provide.
  2. To work with clients to make their business more profitable, by reducing the amount of energy required to run their plant.
  3. To never compromise the integrity of ethical business practices.

I love the relationship we have, both with our clients and our suppliers. I think because of our ethical approach to providing genuine service, quality products and solutions, we are at the forefront of a new wave of technology where energy saving is a real concern to both company profitability and the planet.

John comes from a strong trade background in the industry starting ‘on the tools’ at Nilsen Electric. After he spent 18 years specialising in Electrics, Compressed Air Engineering, Packaging, Sales and Company Management, John filled an industry need for “real service and supply” of premium quality, pneumatic components when he started Adelaide Pneumatic Sales in 1990. His experience gives him the ability and knowledge required to provide you with energy saving solutions from the world’s leaders in pneumatic technology.

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