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Clippard has the broadest product line in the miniature and sub-miniature pneumatic product market with special application to the Bio-Medical industry. Founded by W. L. Clippard, Jr. in 1941, the company started out in manufacturing electronic test equipment. In the 1950's, Mr. Clippard recognised a need for miniature pneumatic devices in manufacturing and began to produce a small line of component products. The appeal of these products was such that, by the late 1960's, Clippard Instrument Laboratory was strictly a pneumatic manufacturer. The company has continued to have steady growth through the years with introductions of new and innovative products.
Well known are Clippard, for the original design & manufacture of the famous "Mouse Valve."

Note: That all products are now available in both Metric & Imperial thread forms.


The Modular Valve Series
The Mouse Valve Series
The Stainless Steel Rolled-Construction Cylinder
The Electronic Manifold Card.

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ELECTRONIC VALVES | EV/ET Mouse| Modular| EVP Proportional | E-Series.


Clippard Minimatic EV/ET Electronic valves and manifolds provide a complete system for efficient interface with electric and electronic circuits with special application in the medical industry. The standard valves convert low voltage, low current signals into high pressure (100 psig) pneumatic outputs. Optional low pressure/medium flow and low pressure/high flow models are available. The valves are precision-built 2- way or 3-way control valves, utilizing a unique valving principle with no sliding parts. Complete poppet travel is a mere .007” resulting in low power consumption and exceptionally long life. Special valves made of stainless steel with Viton or EPDM seals are also available. All valves are lubricated with oxygen compatible lubricants.
These valves are supplied in normally closed, normally open and universal styles.


EV series- wire lead connectors
ET series- quick connect spade lugs
EC series- square pin connectors


Supplied in 6, 12, or 24 volts as standard or with non-standard voltage options.


Standard Buna-N, Viton, EDPM, or silicone. However EPR,
Silicone and Diode seals can also be supplied as non-standard.

EVP PROPORTIONAL VALVE series (electronic)



This product combines the features of the existing EV series valve – long life, low power, and rugged design and fast response. The EVP Valve series contains a redesign of the heart of the mouse valve in the flexing element of the spider. The spider provides a controlled variable flow rate based upon a change in the electrical current provided to the valve. The EVP Series valve provides control of air or gas flow, and varies the output flow based on the current input to the solenoid which operates the spider. Consistent gain provides a high degree of control for many applications. Control and overall value are some of the main features of the EVP Proportional Valve. The valve may be controlled using DC current, open- or closed-loop control, and PWM (pulse width modulation) to cover a broad range of applications. The EVP series provides a very linear gain rate throughout its flow & pressure variations. Note the variation of +/-10% in hysteresis curve on graph, providing a stable and predictable flow profile.


The EVP series provides a very linear gain rate throughout its flow & pressure variations.

Note the variation of +/-10% in hysteresis curve on graph, providing a stable and predictable flow profile.

Clippard EVP series of mouse valves has overcome the 3 challenges of performance in this design:

Series EVB-2 2013, EVB-3 Booster Valve

Designed to operate using the mouse valve as its pilot valve providing approximately 10 times the flow of the standard mouse valve. Available in an unlimited variety of directional, flow, pressure and special control valve encased in a body designed to mount on a subplate and link with a simple piping system.



The E-Series are fully ported and can be solenoid or air piloted. Provide flexibility for use in many applications.
For example from a multiple of 4 way valves manifold mounted to control cylinders to a single remote mounted 4-way to pilot a large pneumatic/air piloted hydraulic device.


ELECTRONIC VALVES- Mouse Valves plus ES, EI, EE3, E3,E4, EVP, EV series


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Leonard Clippard started Clippard Instrument Laboratory as an electronics manufacturer in the 1940's. Since that time, the company has made great strides in developing reliable products for automation. The Mouse valve sets the standard for the industry in reliability and life. That product was later expanded to include the ES (stubby) valve and the EI Intrinsically Safe valve. In addition, Clippard offers the EE3 10 millimetre valve as well as the E3 and E4 Eagle series valves. And now the company introduces the EVP proportional EV class valve.




CONTROL VALVES | 2, 3 & 4 way | Check & Flow | Shuttle & Needle | Actuators.



The company that pioneered the #10-32 thread as a port, maintains an attitude of quality as evidenced by their 100% testing of every product they assemble. Available in poppet or spool design, 2,3, or 4 way functions, metric/imperial for pressure up to 300 psig. Available with solenoid, air pilot, manual or mechanical actuators. Mountable – inline, panel and manifold.


| FILL & BLEED Toggle Valves |

This new “fill and bleed” toggle valve has two poppet valves connected to a single outlet. The operation is similar to a three-way, three position centre-blocked valve. The FBV-3 offers an extreme amount of flexibility in adjusting flow controls, when pressurizing or “fill” and de-pressurizing or “bleed”, simply by changing positions of the toggle. Two built in needle valves provide the speed control needed for extend and retract applications.
Non-adjustable models are also available. FTV-3 valve, compact and easy to install valves are available with several toggle position options offering unlimited application possibilities.



There are a variety of check valves which limit flow to one direction only. Made from bright-dipped brass and provide for inline mounting.
There are many models of adjustable flow control valves featuring a combination of needle and check valve which controls flow in one direction whilst allowing free flow in the other. These are ideal for cylinders providing a slow extend stroke and a fast retract stroke.

Clippard JFC-4 & JFC-5 Flow Control Valves

Clippard Instrument Laboratory, Inc. introduces the addition of two new products to their JFC Series Flow Control Valves. These combination needle and check valve flow controls are typically used to control air flow from air cylinders, thereby controlling the speed at which the piston strokes, either while extending or retracting, depending on their location in the circuit. J-Series Flow Control Valves allow free flow from the inlet to the outlet past the needle and check valve. In reverse flow, from the outlet to the inlet, the check valve is sealed and the flow must
now pass through the metered passage controlled by the tapered adjustment needle.



Clippard offer various shuttle and needle valves that allow flow from one inlet whilst blocking the other inlet.
Exhaust occurs at the port where pressure was last applied. Can be mounted directly to valves & cylinders or inline using hose barbs on certain models. Adjustable control needle valves restrict the flow in both directions through various configurations to provide coarse or fine flow.



One of the major elements of Clippard’s award winning design concept is the manifold body of the Modular Valve Series.
It encircles a central valve cavity with air passages that can be used at any point along the axis of the valve. These passages terminate at the base of the body in a circular octoport pattern.
The body mates with a
manifold subplate which mounts the complete module and provides #10-32 tapped holes for standard hose fittings.
A single molded
Octoport gasket, held in place by the two mounting screws, insuring a positive seal.
Because of the easy availability of an air connection wherever it is required, the manifold body permits valve elements to be designed for maximum performance without the restrictive limitations of rigid port configurations.
It also allows
multiple porting, using two or more ports as an inlet, outlet, supply, etc. This reduces the amount of external piping needed to complete the circuit. Furthermore the manifold body enables the internal interconnection of ports. This is especially valuable in a number of modules that contain more than one valve.
The separate elements are interconnected in the same module to provide
complete sub-circuits such as three input “OR”, three input “AND”, or a two input “NOR”. These functions further reduce external piping.
The system operating range is 0-150 psig and recommended filtration is 40 micron


The Modular Valve System


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Modular Valves & Circuits

With the various types of Clippard Minimatic Modular Valves, porting and subplate/ manifold circuitry, almost any configuration is possible, easy to assemble, with resulting high performance and cost-effectiveness.

Modular Valve Series:

Modular 3-way Valves Modular 4- Way Valves Flow Control valve
3-way low pressure pilot valves 4- way valves Dual Shuttle Valve
3-way reset valves 4- way valves delay Pressure Regulator
3- way multiple pilot Binary trigger Pulse Valve
3-way combination 4- way valves delay valve Modular Vacuum Generator
3-way low pressure combination 4- way valves,6 ported Modular Filter Valve
3-way delay Low pressure 4- way valves, 6 ported Modular Volume Chamber Valve
Dual normally closed 3-way valve 4- way valves amplified pilot Modular Sequence Valve
Dual 3-way 4- way valves interface valve Electronic piloted Sequence valve
Dual normally open 3-way 4- way Electronic valve  
4-way Valve    
4-way low pressure pilot    
4- way reset    
3- position, 4 way valve    
Twin pilot 4- way    




Minimatic Modular valves are available in an unlimited variety of directional, flow, pressure and special control valves, each housed in a valve body designed to mount and link in a simple piping system. Multiple valve elements can be contained in a single body providing, incredible flexibility and the ability to accomplish many control functions in the one unit.The valves are easily plugged into a suplate or acrylic circuit board then plumbed with hose and fittings.

BENEFITS: Easy assembly and plumbing, saving in labour costs, errors in installation and the risks of leakage.
Endless possibilities of configuration with complete safety and top performance.


Modular Valve Circuits

Listed below are just a few of the many useful configurations of
Clippard Minimatic modular components in practical pneumatic circuitry.

Cycling Without Limits Valves Unique OPEN-CLOSE Pulse Circuit
Exclusive 'OR' Circuit 'Latch'Circuit
Motion Sensing Circuit 'Active Or' Circuit
Signal Release Pulse Circuit Assembly Jig control circuit
Use of Shuttle Valves Piloted 4- way valve
Adjustable 4-Way Pulse Automatic Cycler
Two hand No Tie Down Adjustable Pulse Valve
Pilot Signal priority Lockout Set-Reset circuits
Sequence control Circuit Six Ported 4-Way
Bleed Piloted 4- Way Valve Three input 'And'


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The Acrylic Pneumatic Circuit Boards are designed to provide a mounting base for Modular Valves and a Pneumatic Control System for the various Modular Valve Circuits.

Originally developed for use strictly in conjunction with Clippard's modular valves, the line of acrylic sub-plates today has expanded to include the company's electronic valves as well. These manifolds are constructed of multiple layers of acrylic that has been machined and laminated to give a ready-to-install logic circuit. This reduces assembly time and trouble-shooting to find leaks and incorrect connections. Clippard offers a variety of standard circuits for applications such as 'two-hand no tie down' safety, 'automatic cycling without limits' and 'oscillation' circuits.


Custom made circuit boards provide a secure mounting surface for all components.
Simple, leak free, secure and quick assembly
Reduces piping and plumbing
Assures accuracy or positive connection
Component silk screened I.D. on subplate surface
Inputs & outputs clearly marked
Threaded brass insert hold components securely
Valve changes easily without affecting connections
Use any number of components
Makes sophisticated circuitry manageable
Circuit boards also accept Clippard electronic interface valves
Cost effective


Standard Pneumatic Circuit boards

For octoport Circuit Analyser 6 R471/481 4 Way Valves
Single module Board 5 Valve Sequence Circuit used as a Starter Subplate
Binary redirect board R-932 Sequencing system using 2 Modular Valves
Universal #10-32 board R-932 Sequencing system using 3 Modular Valves
Adapter board with Dual #10-32 Ports R-932 Sequencing system using 1 Modular Valve
Automatic Cycler Without Limits Auto-Cycling of Double Acting Cylinder
R-471/472/481/482 with 1/8" NPT ports Back Pressure Sensor for a Double Acting Cylinder
Binary Clamp Control with Adjustable Pressure Cycling Without Limits With an External Power Valve
Double Electronic Piloted Valve For Back pressure Latched with Clamp
Auto-cycling Single Acting Cylinder R-932 Sequencing system using 4 Modular Valves
4-Way valve (with common supply) 2 Valves Mounting with 1/8" Ports
Double Electronically Piloted 4-Way Valves 2 Hand No Tie Down with Latching Output
4 R-471/481 4 way Valves



Clippard pioneered the rolled construction cylinder design and continues to be a leader in the design and manufacture of cylinders today. Clippard cylinders are available in 17 bore sizes with strokes to 42 inches. In addition to the rolled construction and brass lines for which the company has been known for many years, Clippard also manufactures corrosion resistant cylinders for wash down applications as well as the Air Force One® cylinder for applications where physical size is an issue.



Compact cylinders where space or harsh environment is an issue. AFO cylinders feature stainless steel tube with roller burnished piston rod.
Applications where abrasive dirt may be ingested and deteriorate seals causing wear. With tie rod construction seals can be replaced easily rather than replacing the entire cylinder.



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No circuit can be complete until the connections are made. Clippard offers a wide array of products for your design from barbed fittings for 1/16'' ID tubing to the new Push-Quick push-to-connect line, Clippard has the fitting for you. And don't forget our selection of tubing. Clippard has recently expanded into several new durometer ranges as well as adding new sizes to the hose and tubing line.

While others were thinking about large fittings, Clippard was thinking big about smaller fittings. Smaller valves and cylinders created the need for smaller fittings. Clippard was the first to develop ports utilizing the 10-32 thread. This thread has become an industry standard in the marketplace.

Clippard precision fittings will save you time, space, and money when designing versatile, productive, trouble free, pneumatic circuits. Our endless variety of fittings insures that you find just the right fit when plumbing pneumatic circuits or assemblies. These fittings are small in size but large in performance, allowing for streamlining of pneumatic assemblies and eliminating the need for larger, more expensive, cumbersome fittings.


Brass fittings that support thread sizes # 3-56, # 10-32, 1/16 & 1/8 NPT. Over 50 fittings available.


Ideal for permanent or experimental instrumentation, patch systems or quick set-up of machines of machines, jigs & fixtures using air, oil or water. An ideal leak proof, high pressure connection that will not accidentally pull out.


Minimatic® Slip-on Fittings, are a flexible, easy alternative to ferrule and push-to-connect design fittings.

Minimatic® Slip-on fittings feature a single barb design which provides a slip-on/locked-on connection. These low profile fittings are designed to be used with flexible Clippard urethane hose, make them ideal for applications in which space is restricted. This leak free connection will hold to the burst pressure of Clippard urethane hose, without the need for additional clamps. Electrode less nickel plating offers corrosion resistance and an attractive appearance. Minimatic® Slip-on fittings are available in multiple configurations, with 1/16" or 1/8" hose barb, and ported #10-32 or 1/8 NPT.

| New Minimatic® Push-quick fittings |

The Minimatic® Push-Quick Fitting line, offers easy tube insertion for quick assembly of pneumatic circuits. Push-Quick fittings provide a simple method of connecting pneumatic components to each other while accepting both flexible hose and stiff tubing. Available in 5/32”, 6 mm, 1/4”, and 3/8” O.D. tubing, the Push-Quick fittings allow full flow through the I.D. with no small orifice required as in barb fittings. The Minimatic Push-Quick Fittings are available in many configurations with pre-applied sealant on the pipe threads.


Minimatic® Jumbo Quick Connect fittings, which are shorter in length than standard Minimatic® Quick Connect fittings, and provide more than twice the flow. The MJQC has a flow of 14 SCFM @ 100 psi (standard) and 7.5 SCFM @ 50 psi (high flow), with a working pressure of 300 psi and temperature range of -30˚ to 230˚. Features include a wide variety of connectors, brass body, nickel plating, Delrin® poppet and Buna-N seals.


While Clippard has the broadest product line in the miniature and sub-miniature pneumatic product market, they recognize that certain applications require dimensional changes, non-standard seal materials, special testing or other changes from the catalogued items. Over 44% of Clippard's business results from non-standard products which they manufacture.


Applications | Function

Clippard has the broadest product line in the miniature and sub-miniature pneumatic product market with special application to the Biomedical Industry.

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