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Adelaide Pneumatic Sales is proud to represent the world’s leading manufacturers in compressed air, factory
automation equipment and solutions.

We stock only the highest quality and most advanced products to ensure that your plant remains at peak operating performance, with minimum down-time ensuring a high yield and a healthy bottom line. We have the engineering experience and resources to offer you quality energy saving solutions.

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We have selected 10 of our Manufacturers, to show you our comprehensive product range in the extensive use of pneumatics throughout industry. We have chosen these Companies because they are the best in their field and we are proud to represent them. There are also links throughout the site which will take you directly to each manufacturer's Product Index on their site.

PRODUCTS | Did you know that WE represent these World-class Manufacturers ?

PIABSuction Cups, Vacuum Pumps, Automation Technology, Vacuum Conveyors
CLIPPARDMouse Valves, EVP valves, Modular Valves, Sub-plates/manifolds, Cylinders
PHD INC Tom Thumb Cylinders, Clamps, Grippers, Actuators, Slides, PPC Group
ORIGARodless Cylinders, Electric & Pneumatic Linear Drives
BECKRingjets, Nozzles & Air-knives
IPRIntelligent Peripherals for Robots- End of Arm Robotics.
VORTECCold Air Coolers, Nozzles, Air-jets, Air-knives, Spray Vectors, Vacuum Drums
ENKOSIAutomation Profiling Systems- Modular factory production-line assemblies
UNIVERWorld leaders in Pneumatic Cylinders & Valves

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