Air Knives

Deliver Flat Sheet of Amplified Air

Vortec’s Curtain Transvector® Air Knives efficiently blow-off wide surfaces of debris as well as provide high speed drying for a broad range of industrial applications. Ionizing Curtain Transvectors® add a Static Neutralising Bar to kill static cling and discharge dust and particles for blow-off.



Since Curtain Transvectors are air amplifiers, they use a small amount of compressed air to deliver a powerful, high velocity, laminar sheet of air over wide areas, moving webs, sheets, film, strips, auto bodies and other large assemblies and objects. Our patented design produces increased thrust and velocity, reduced noise, excellent uniformity and significantly outperforms any competing, wide blow-off device. Stainless steel models are ideal for food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other applications where purity, high temperature or corrosive environments are concerned.

Curtain Transvectors, as well as the Ionizing versions, have numerous and diverse processing, finishing, fabrication, assembly, and other industrial uses for cooling, drying, cleaning or static removal on wide surfaces.

Curtain Transvectors are used for:

  • Printing and labelling
  • Converting and packaging
  • Films and laminating
  • Form and fill
  • Sheet and web materials
  • Conveying or hold down
  • Food processing
  • Paint preparation and drying

Features and Benefits

  • Fraction of the cost of fans and blowers
  • No guards or rotating machinery
  • Instant on/off
  • Provides uniform blow off for wide or long surfaces
  • Increases airflow with reduced consumption
  • Range of lengths available
  • Compact and easily mounted
  • No moving parts – Maintenance free
  • Aluminium or stainless steel models
  • Ionizing option eliminates static
  • Quiet – Meets OSHA noise specifications
  • Output air is easily regulated


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