Hose Size – 305mm

Air Inlet – 1″

Air Consumption – 4250 SLPM

Outlet Air Flow – 72200 SLPM

Diameter – 305mm

High volume air/fume movers which use an array of aluminium Ringjets mounted inside a mild steel cylinder
(alternative materials may be specified).

Four models are available with outputs between 765-5270m3/hr (450-3100cfm). Flexible blowing/extract hoses 102mm-305mm (4″-12″) in diameter can be attached at each end of ventilator casing. They are typically used for exhaust fume extraction from large tanks and chambers or fresh air ventilation/cooling of workers in confined spaces. They can also be incorporated into pipelines for gas conveying.



Clusta-Jets can be used to remove toxic fumes from enclosed spaces. Eg.welding in tanks, working underground, storage tanks, tunnels, anywhere where air needs to be moved in or out.

Clustajet ventilators are a compressed air operated fan which utilise our Ringjet technology to create a robust, maintenance free, high performance ventilator. Because the Clustajet uses compressed air, no electrical supply is needed making it suitable for safe use in damp or wet locations.

Multiple Ringjets are positioned inside a steel casing to create a space rocket jet effect which gives the unit it’s high performance. For a given airflow, Clustajets are lighter in weight and smaller than equivalent electric fans.

It is particularly suitable for use in hazardous areas and longer distances can be covered by placing multiple units in series along the ductwork or flexible hose.

As a general guide, one unit will be required for every 25m. Generally, we recommend ventilation of
confined spaces by extraction of contaminated air, allowing fresh air to flow in by natural means.
Clustajets also provide a cool, high volume stream of air which is suitable for cooling components, processes and drying.

  •  No moving parts – means the Clustajet is maintenance free
  •  No electricity required – means they are safe to use in dampor wet locations
  •  Adjustable flow control – using the control valve




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