Two-Way Drum Pump for Fast Cleanout of Sumps & Parts Washers

Vortec has introduced the new Dual-Force Vac – a powerful yet economical two-way drum pump. Its all-new, patent pending design offers many unique features. The quiet and safe operation of this air-powered drum pump means no motor burn out and no shock hazard. This high quality, dual mode drum pump is priced at or below other’s vacuum-only models.



Using filtered compressed air, the heart of the Dual-Force Vac is Vortec’s Transvector® air amplifier, which moves a large volume of air using a lesser amount of compressed air. Electric driven vacuums frequently experience motor burnout from handling liquids. The Dual-Force Vac offers both safe and powerful vacuuming of fluids, as well as instant pump out capability.
The Dual-Force Vac is truly a versatile, plant maintenance tool for fast cleaning and pump in/pump out handling of:

  • Coolant sumps, even with chips and swarf
  • Tramp oil
  • Sludge and waste water from parts washers
  • Hydraulic oil
  • Solvents
  • Liquid spills
  • And much more!

Features and Benefits

  • More powerful operation
  • Pulls liquids up to 33 GPM
  • New fast-turn switch changes ill to empty mode in seconds
  • Swivel head design provides easier movement
  • Safe downward exiting exhaust air
  • No motor burn out – no electric shock hazard
  • Automatic safety shutoff valve prevents overflows
  • Relief valve limits internal drum pressure to 8 PSIG
  • Virtually no maintenance – quiet operation
  • Resistant to most non-volatile, non-flammable liquids and installs on 55-gallon drum (not included) in less than a minute
  • Uses UN/1A1/X1.8/300 rated closed-head drum



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