FM Series Remote Centre Compliance Wrist


Compensates for part misalignment during assembly.
The Remote Centre Compliance units facilitate assembly and machine loading-unloading by compensating for the misalignment of parts, fixtures or trays. It reduces forces in insertion applications, avoiding excessive part and tooling wear.
The FM units will provide compensation in all directions X, Y and Z as well as rotational compliance around these axes. The maximum compensation at minimum insertion forces are indicated at the Remote Centre of Compliance.

The standard Compliance Wrist (Model FM-G) is used with small payloads and slow moving sequences. The installation of two overload bolts (FM-O) limits oscillations when travelling. With short cycle times/high handling speeds with operations which take place horizontally, the compliance wrist should be equipped with a pneumatic cylinder( FM-P). The installation of a torsion protection is necessary for the transmission of torsion moments and when inertial forces lead to the torsion moments with rotation and swivel movements. The FM-V with torsion protection is especially for work with transition and press fittings. 



FM Series Remote Centre Compliance Wrist :
FM-50, FM-80 FM-100, FM-125, FM-160, FM-200, FM-250, FM-300

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