PIAB H-pumps provide very high vacuum, and they are recommended in applications with little or no leakage, such as in laboratory applications and in other processes requiring high vacuum levels.


Recommended operating range 29.5-29.85 -inHg
Maximum vacuum level 29.85 -inHg
Feed pressure 87 psi

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PIAB’s new COAX is the latest patented technology is an offshoot of the multi-stage ejector principle.
COAX® ensures excellent performance at both low and high feed pressures. It’s ideal for situations where compressed air lines deliver air at low or fluctuating pressures.
Pumps based on the COAX® technology can operate within the range of 25 to 87 psi.

Principle behind the COAX® technology

PIAB pioneered and engineered the multistage ejector pump from the simple, single stage pump where suction is induced by a compressed air flow through a Lavel Tube.

Multi-stage ejector

PIAB vacuum pumps are of the multi-stage ejector type –a technology patented by PIAB in 1973.
These vacuum pumps were developed to provide extra vacuum flow in combination with deep maximum vacuum levels while keeping energy consumption at a minimum.

P3010 is based on this new technology, derived from the multi-stage ejector principle. Note that both a filter and check valves are integrated into the ejector section. When compressed air (red) passes through the nozzles, air is pulled through with the stream of compressed air. “Suction” (blue) is thus created at the opening of each stage.

Other PIAB designs incorporating COAX ® technology include the Vacuum Gripper System, P2010, P6010, PMAT, Vacustat and the Adjustable Vacuum Palletizer.

PIAB vacuum pumps are compressed air-driven vacuum pumps. The unique construction makes maximum use of the compressed air and therefore consumes less energy. Large vacuum flows and high levels of vacuum are characteristic of PIAB’s vacuum pumps.
When compressed air (1) passes through the nozzles, air is pulled through (2) with the stream of compressed air. “Suction” (3,4,) is thus created at the opening of each stage, resulting in low pressure, vacuum.

Advantages of PIAB Vacuum Pumps based on COAX Technology

PIAB pumps have no moving parts that vibrate or wear out – important features that contribute heavily to outstanding operational reliability and a pleasant, noise-free working environment.

  • Outstanding performance even at low or fluctuating feed pressures
  • Integrated features
  • Flexible, module-based design
  • Easy to supplement and upgrade
  • Easy to clean
  • Highly efficient
  • Low energy consumption
  • Short starting and stopping times
  • High operational reliability
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Compact
  • Simple to install
  • Low noise level
  • Generate no heat with no vibrations.


Engineers, have you seen the informative COAX® technology website?

visit it at http://www.coaxtechnology.com

This site provides an interactive and comprehensive resource for machine builders.  Answering the questions, “what is it?”, “what’s in it for me?”, and “how can I use it?”, the new COAX® technology site serves as a valuable resource for those who demand innovative solutions to meet the design challenges of the future.
Visitors to the COAX® Technology site can effortlessly explore its simple, clear design and learn more about the unique vacuum technology from its inventor, Peter Tell.  In a video highlighting the advantages of integrating machinery with COAX® cartridges, Tell discusses the power of the technology, further demonstrated with customer testimonials from ABB and Robot System Products (RSP).  Additional distinguished customers such as Rantec, Uhlmann Pack-Systeme and Romaco Promatic share stories as to how they met the challenges of reducing energy costs, increasing production and improving system design with their COAX® solutions.
Interactive, modifiable spreadsheets allow site visitors to compare centralized and decentralized vacuum systems, levels of vacuum flow and pressure drop, and individual COAX® cartridges to determine which solution best fits their design needs.  These data tools supply the guidance needed to make a supported decision about integration in specific applications.
In the COAX® integration application gallery, visitors will find decentralized vacuum solutions for multiple industries including packaging, graphic, food and pharmaceutical.  The site also includes a comprehensive product catalogue with CAD files for a more detailed look at individual cartridges.

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