IPW Wide Body 2- Jaw Parallel Gripper

  • Rugged design
  • Gripper attachement possible from 2 sides
  • Ideally to seize with long fingers


Heavy duty, wide body parallel gripper. Long fingers.
The IPW parallel grippers feature a wide body design ideal for handling large and wide parts with long fingers. Stroke up to max 200mm. Gripper attachment possible rom two sides. The jaws are supported through the full length of the body for high moment carrying capacity and are sealed against chips or particles, which makes it ideal for use in machining or foundry applications. The gripper can be supplied “non-synchronous”, allowing for the fingers to centre on the part instead of gripper centre-line.
The large support areas of the support shafts allow for long fingers, high gripping forces, high loading moments, and long life in demanding production applications.




IPW Series Parallel Grippers :
IPW-120, IPW-160, IPW-200

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