KA Series Lateral Alignment “X-Y” Device


Compensates for lateral misalignment during assembly
The Lateral Compliance Device provides compensation for misalignment in X-Y axis with no rotation or Z axis compliance. Almost “free floating” due to very low friction forces of the roller bearings supports. Usually used with “Z-Axis” compliance or Remote Centre Compliance, to facilitate insertion at assembly, palletizing, or machine load-unload. If shocks are to be expected, the use of an ULS Robot Overload Limiter is advised. The locking cylinder centres the tool plate and secures the unit during robot rapid movement.



KA Series Lateral Compliance Wrist :
KA-65, KA-80, KA-125, KA-160,KA-200, KA-250, KA-300-light, KA-300, KA-300-5

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