One of the major elements of Clippard’s award winning design concept is the manifold body of the Modular Valve Series.
It encircles a central valve cavity with air passages that can be used at any point along the axis of the valve. These passages terminate at the base of the body in a circular octoport pattern.
The body mates with a
manifold subplate which mounts the complete module and provides #10-32 tapped holes for standard hose fittings.
A single molded
Octoport gasket, held in place by the two mounting screws, insuring a positive seal.
Because of the easy availability of an air connection wherever it is required, the manifold body permits valve elements to be designed for maximum performance without the restrictive limitations of rigid port configurations.
It also allows
multiple porting, using two or more ports as an inlet, outlet, supply, etc. This reduces the amount of external piping needed to complete the circuit. Furthermore the manifold body enables the internal interconnection of ports. This is especially valuable in a number of modules that contain more than one valve.
The separate elements are interconnected in the same module to provide
complete sub-circuits such as three input “OR”, three input “AND”, or a two input “NOR”. These functions further reduce external piping.
The system operating range is 0-150 psig and recommended filtration is 40 micron


The Modular Valve System

Modular Valves & Circuits

With the various types of Clippard Minimatic Modular Valves, porting and subplate/ manifold circuitry, almost any configuration is possible, easy to assemble, with resulting high performance and cost-effectiveness.

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Minimatic Modular valves are available in an unlimited variety of directional, flow, pressure and special control valves, each housed in a valve body designed to mount and link in a simple piping system. Multiple valve elements can be contained in a single body providing, incredible flexibility and the ability to accomplish many control functions in the one unit.The valves are easily plugged into a suplate or acrylic circuit board then plumbed with hose and fittings.

BENEFITS: Easy assembly and plumbing, saving in labour costs, errors in installation and the risks of leakage.
Endless possibilities of configuration with complete safety and top performance.

Modular Valve Circuits

Listed below are just a few of the many useful configurations of
Clippard Minimatic modular components in practical pneumatic circuitry.

Cycling Without Limits Valves Unique OPEN-CLOSE Pulse Circuit
Exclusive ‘OR’ Circuit ‘Latch’Circuit
Motion Sensing Circuit ‘Active Or’ Circuit
Signal Release Pulse Circuit Assembly Jig control circuit
Use of Shuttle Valves Piloted 4- way valve
Adjustable 4-Way Pulse Automatic Cycler
Two hand No Tie Down Adjustable Pulse Valve
Pilot Signal priority Lockout Set-Reset circuits
Sequence control Circuit Six Ported 4-Way
Bleed Piloted 4- Way Valve Three input ‘And’


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Modular 3-way Valves Modular 4- Way Valves Flow Control valve
3-way low pressure pilot valves 4- way valves Dual Shuttle Valve
3-way reset valves 4- way valves delay Pressure Regulator
3- way multiple pilot Binary trigger Pulse Valve
3-way combination 4- way valves delay valve Modular Vacuum Generator
3-way low pressure combination 4- way valves,6 ported Modular Filter Valve
3-way delay Low pressure 4- way valves, 6 ported Modular Volume Chamber Valve
Dual normally closed 3-way valve 4- way valves amplified pilot Modular Sequence Valve
Dual 3-way 4- way valves interface valve Electronic piloted Sequence valve
Dual normally open 3-way 4- way Electronic valve
4-way Valve
4-way low pressure pilot
4- way reset
3- position, 4 way valve
Twin pilot 4- way


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