RPC Series 3-Jaw Parallel Gripper with Sliding Guide

  • Extremely rugged design trough large dimensioned jaw guidance
  • Housing made of high-tensile aluminium, jaws and guidance plate made of hardened steel
  • Available with DIN-ISO adapter flange


piston. The transmission of the forces is realised over three surfaces spreading the wear load. Extremely rugged design by large dimensional jaw guidance. These automation modules are available as DIN/ISO Grippers with adaption flange.The IPR parallel grippers are heavy duty and rugged for reliable operation. Sealed jaws protect the internal mechanism from chips and coolant in machining applications. With a housing of high tensile aluminium and the hardened tool steel jaws and supports allow for long tooling fingers and high moments and forces.
Position Sensor: Gripper closed, gripper open
High gripping forces, high efficiency of power transmission, precise jaw guidance for heavy load range.




RPC Series Parallel Grippers :
RPC-320, RPC-344, RPC-368, RPC-468

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