Shuttle Valves

Clippard offer various shuttle and needle valves that allow flow from one inlet whilst blocking the other inlet.
Exhaust occurs at the port where pressure was last applied. Can be mounted directly to valves & cylinders or inline using hose barbs on certain models. Adjustable control needle valves restrict the flow in both directions through various configurations to provide coarse or fine flow.


There are three models of shuttle valves offered by Clippard.  These valves feature a shuttle that allows flow from one inlet to the outlet while blocking the other inlet.  They may be mounted directly to valves and cylinders or in-line using the hose barbs on the MSV models. Features
• Direct or in-line mounting
• Brass construction with Nitrile seal
• 16 standard configurations
• Custom configurations also available


   Product Series              Threads                                     Inlet Pressure
  MSV  #10-32   250 psig
  MJSV & JSV Series  1/8″ & 1/4″ NPT   300 psig

More Information

Clippard has the broadest product line in the miniature and sub-miniature pneumatic product market with special application to the Bio-Medical industry. Founded by W. L. Clippard, Jr. in 1941, the company started out in manufacturing electronic test equipment. In the 1950’s, Mr. Clippard recognised a need for miniature pneumatic devices in manufacturing and began to produce a small line of component products. The appeal of these products was such that, by the late 1960’s, Clippard Instrument Laboratory was strictly a pneumatic manufacturer. The company has continued to have steady growth through the years with introductions of new and innovative products.
Well known are Clippard, for the original design & manufacture of the famous “Mouse Valve.”

Note: That all products are now available in both Metric & Imperial thread forms.


The Modular Valve Series
The Mouse Valve Series
The Stainless Steel Rolled-Construction Cylinder
The Electronic Manifold Card.



MSV, MJSV & JSV Series

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