Tablet – piFLOW®t

This is a conveyor when a premium technology is needed while transporting fragile tablets, capsules, coffee, granules and other fragile products in the pharmaceutical, food and nutraceutical industries. It also makes sense when there is a big demand on high throughput performance with a small foot print.


  • The conveyor is designed according to USDA guidelines.
  • Steel quality ASTM 316L.
  • ATEX Dust and Gas certified.
  • All material in contact with the conveyed product are in compliance with FDA, EC No. 1935/2004 and EC No. 10/2011.
  • Smooth, stable and gentle product flow with piGENTLE® function.
  • Easy to maintain and clean.
  • Compact design.
  • De-duster function with pre separator solution.

Our premium conveyors are designed with a Stainless Steel body (ASTM 316L) and meet the very high hygienic demands of FDA. Piab conveyors are ATEX Dust certified. piFLOW®p and piFLOW®t are ATEX Gas certified. Typical applications are transfer of tablets, capsules, coffee, granules and other fragile products. Also hygienic applications or places where space is at a premium.


More Info

Many industrial processes require the moving of bulk material. These can be materials like metal oxides, ceramics or plastic in powder form, granules or pellets.

PIAB Vacuum Conveying Systems are the optimum method of moving these materials, cost effective with high handling capacity and easy to install.

Vacuum is used with great advantage in order to convey dry powder products through dedicated pipe systems. PIAB’s vacuum conveying systems are built of strong components of high quality. Our objective is to offer solutions that help our customers raise their productivity. Production of food, pharmaceuticals and chemical products demands the highest possible degree of safety as to hygiene and operation. PIAB’s new series of vacuum conveyors has been developed as an answer to the severe requirements of operational safety and hygiene in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

The result of 25 years’ product development

  • All materials have received FDA approval
  • Optimized design for the highest standards of hygiene
  • Few moving parts for minimized maintenance Easy to dismantle and clean
  • Modular construction for simple matching to your specific production environment
  • Even higher conveying capacity
  • New, more efficient vacuum pump
  • Higher degree of filtration due to larger filter area and new filter materials
  • Best possible traceability
  • Grade AISI 316L stainless steel


Features |

1. Lower maintenance
2. Lower energy consumption
3. Better working environment

Perfect for powders and granules
Industries that produce foodstuff, pharmaceuticals and chemical products have discovered the advantages of vacuum conveying. PIAB, which has developed vacuum conveying systems for 25 years, is the leader of the industry. We provide the solutions to your conveying problems!

Friendly – both to your health as well as to the environment
Different powders require different vacuum levels in order to be conveyed. With PIAB vacuum conveyors you just set the energy consumption exactly according to the prevailing conditions.

PERFORMANCE| From 0 to 65 feet in one second
Time is money. The vacuum technology offers you powder conveying at express speed at up to 65-foot long systems, the sum of vertical and horizontal conveying. 15 tons per hour have been measured at short distance tests with a PIAB vacuum conveyor under favourable conditions.

Easy to install any place
Our systems can be easily adapted to your production environment thanks to few components, small dimensions and low weight. The modular system facilitates the installation. The basic unit is delivered on a drop-key basis. You just have to connect compressed air!

Durable material
The products are made of stainless, highly polished steel (ASTM 316L). The material is acid-proof and has very strong characteristics. We offer a full 5-year guarantee (filter and wear parts excluded.)

Reliable and easy to maintain
Our systems require a minimum of maintenance. They are easy to clean, and filter cleaning is automatic. Operation and control are fully pneumatic in standard design.

Operational safety
The design of the conveyor and PIAB’s vacuum pumps offer the highest possible operational safety.

The conveyors are, first and foremost, adapted to the food and pharmaceutical industries.


  1. Vacuum is generated by a compressed air-driven PIAB vacuum pump A. The pump can easily be controlled automatically. Since it has few moving parts, the pump is virtually maintenance-free.
  2. The bottom valve B is closed, and vacuum is raised in the container C and the conveying pipeline D.
  3. From the feed station E the material is drawn into the conveying pipeline and then on to the container.
  4. The filter F prevents dust and fine particles from being drawn into the pump and escaping into the surroundings.
  5. During the suction period, the air shock tanks G are filled with compressed air.
  6. When the material container is full, the vacuum pump is stopped. The bottom valve opens and the material in the container is discharged. At the same time, the compressed air in the filter tank is released and cleans the filter
  7. When the pump is restarted, the process is repeated and a new cycle begins. The suction and discharge times are normally controlled by pneumatic or electrical control systems H


PIAB’s New Industrial Conveyor

    Technology saves energy, handles vast pressure variations & adapts the suction capacity to material being handled.
    Because the conveyor is driven by compressed air NOT electric motors.
    These units are designed to operate at low noise levels.
    With low building height to make maximum use of space available
    With small exterior and large internal volume, this unit offers secure & stable conveying.
    With the upper section quickly removed for servicing.
    Being compressed air driven, there are no moving parts so filter changes are the only maintenance required.
    Installation is easy, ambient air is not heated; noise level and maintenance are low, increases productivity.
    Specially developed filters protect the unit from powders etc. Low discharge of pollutants means healthy air.
    PIAB’s vacuum technology protects the environment from the conveyed material and the material from contamination.
    50 years of development provides reliable, high quality components for secure and stable handling.
    COAX technology is unrivalled in optimising vacuum efficiency to energy consumption.

Graphics Industry- Vacuum & Blow System

High print quality and profitable production by using compressed air, vacuum and blow.

Precision handling contributes to higher print quality.
Shorter make-ready time contributes to increased production.
Well controlled paper handling minimises the risk of operational stoppages.
Simple and effective design reduces service to a minimum.

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