ULS & ULD Series Robot Load Limiter

  • Specially designed for robots and gantries with internal cable routing
  • Easy transfer of signal and supply lines
  • Data and supply lines are protected against external damages


Collision protection during assembly.
The Robot Load Limiter protects the Robot, Tooling and the Part in case of collision by decoupling and sending a “Stop” signal to the Robot Controller. The built-in sensor is very sensitive and can detect 0.002” displacement. The “Trip Point” can be adjusted by adjusting the air pressure, thus making the Robot Limiter very rigid (80psi) during fast Robot movements and softer (20psi) when necessary. In case of collision and decoupling, the ULS unit will reset automatically, due to the built in springs and over travel limit pins, upon removal of the crash condition.





UL Series Robot Load Limiter :
ULS-60,ULS-80, ULS-100, ULS-160, ULS-200, ULS-250, ULS-300,
ULD-100, ULD-160, ULD-300

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